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A French seminarian at FH

My name is Henri, I am a seminarian of the Diocese of Paris and now part of the chaplaincy team at Fisher House.

Brought up in a French Catholic family, I heard God’s call to the priesthood as a child. During high school, I discovered anew the transforming power of prayer and of the sacraments, and felt the vital need to put God at the first place in my life. Later, the scientific studies I began fascinated me, and deepened my interest in the intelligibility of faith.

In 2016, the Bishop of Paris welcomed me to the seminary. Since then, my formation for the priesthood has included small community life, daily participation in Mass and church prayer, philosophical and theological studies, work in parishes and Catholic groups…

Before I am ordained deacon and priest, God willing, I have been sent to Fisher House for one year. It’s an immense privilege to serve in the chaplaincy and to discover Cambridge. During my first week here, I had the great joy of entrusting this year to Our Lady during a pilgrimage to the Walsingham shrine. May the Lord bless us through her intercession!

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