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700th Anniversary

St Michael's Church is precious to all who love St John Fisher. It was the chapel of

Michaelhouse, a college of the university, which was founded by Hervey de Stanton, the Chancellor of King Edward II, in 1324 - seven hundred years ago. It was to this college that, as a teenager, John Fisher came to study. In 1491, the same year he was ordained a priest, he became a Fellow of Michaelhouse. He would have worshipped daily at St Michael's and celebrated Mass there. The college was suppressed by Henry VIII and its funds and resources, including its grounds, became part of the king's new foundation: Trinity College. We are blessed to celebrate the annual Fisher Mass at Great St Mary's (this year on Monday 6 May) but for many years it was celebrated at St Michael's. When next you have a coffee in the nave of the church, pray for the repose of the soul of Hervey de Stanton, who is buried beneath its chancel, and seek the intercession of St John Fisher.

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