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Fisher House is an international community comprising students, senior University Members, regular visitors and guests who come together to worship, share our Catholic faith, give witness to the University and City, and call each other to conversion. Central to our life is the Mass, the source of our communion with each other and our shared activity and values. We enjoy fellowship in spiritual and social activities and, through prayer, talks and discussions, grow in love of Christ and his Church, and in our commitment to Catholic faith and morals.

Our community life is grounded in Christian charity. There is no place here for discrimination, hatred or faction, since Catholicism is of its nature a community where all share equal dignity. At Fisher House, there can be no toleration of any words or actions which objectify, exclude or ridicule people, whether on grounds of race, gender, sexuality, appearance, or manner of worship. Such uncharitable attitudes are contrary to our gospel values. We expect all those who come to Fisher House and use its facilities to acknowledge and abide by these values, for they stand at the heart of our identity in Christ.


         Please click here for our safeguarding policy and procedures.

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