Grants for Catholic women students at the University of Cambridge, born in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland

The Elizabeth Kolb Memorial Trust was created in 1958 by the will of Louis Michael Kolb, "in memory of my truly beloved and unforgettable wife Elizabeth", to give "grants-in-aid to assist worthy girls of the Roman Catholic faith born in the United Kingdom engaged in any particular course of studies and in their living expenses at the Cambridge University, England".


Applicants must be practising Roman Catholics who were born in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, and must be engaged in any course of studies at the University of Cambridge. Under the terms of the will, preference is to be given to "Roman Catholic girls whose parents or either of them were born in the Jewish faith whether or not such parents shall have remained in the Jewish faith".

Eligible women may apply for grants from the managers of the Kolb Trust towards the cost of books or equipment, travel (particularly if related to their studies) or medical expenses. Grants are usually given for up to £500 for well-defined purposes and where a clear break-down of expenses is offered. In exceptional circumstances, contributions may exceed £500 and/or may be made towards general maintenance costs.

The great majority of grants are made towards the end of the Easter Term (so that applications can be considered together). Applications for the year 2021–22 must be received by 20 May 2022, although applications may be considered at other times in exceptional circumstances of hardship.


For further details, please contact:


Dr Anne Cobby
17 George Street,
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
E. aec25@cam.ac.uk

An application form may be downloaded below to be completed and sent to Dr Cobby.