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Bishop Erik Varden's Lecture

This Thursday (25 April) at 6 pm in the Chapel of Fisher House, we have the wonderful opportunity to hear Erik Varden, the Bishop of Trondheim (Norway). Bp Erik has built up a reputation as a clear and inspiring teacher of our Faith, whose books have inspired many: The Shattering of Loneliness, Entering the Twofold Mystery, and Chastity. He draws richly from theology, culture, and his time as both a Cistercian monk and abbot. He was an undergraduate at Magdalene and at St John's for his doctoral studies. For more than two years he lived at Fisher House. Throughout his ten years in Cambridge, he was thoroughly involved in the life of the Chaplaincy. He is a popular retreat giver and comes to us having just led a retreat for the Bishops of England & Wales. In addition, his blog is gaining increasing attention: Coram Fratribus - Coram Fratribus. Bp Erik is not often in England. Come to hear him this Thursday as he speaks on 'Can Letters Save Lives: On Reading and the Power of the Word.'

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