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Dolphins Win Fisher-More Cup 10-4

Many congratulations to our all-conquering Dolphins for their terrific football win against the Other Place! On Saturday 14 May, our football team brought home the Fisher-More Cup after delivering a 10-4 win against the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy.

We were delighted to welcome the Other Place's players and spectators for our annual fixture, this year hosted at Homerton Playing Fields in Trumpington. The teams came together for the 1.05pm Mass, celebrated by Fr Bob Eccles OP, and a pizza-and-spaghetti lunch in the Fisher Room.

After a showstopping first half, the Oxford Chaplaincy put our Dolphins through their paces in a much more contested second half, which ended with a 10-4 win to Fisher House, overturning last year's 8-2 win to the Oxford Chaplaincy. The cup now lives in all its glory above the door in the Fisher Room by the Black Swan Bar!

Much friendship was made and exchanged - so much so that your Pastoral Assistant is told the Oxford team even trekked from the playing fields back to Fisher House for afternoon tea, returning to the Other Place only by the time the Eurovision voting lines had closed.

If you're interested in joining the Dolphins, you can find the contact details here, and sign up to join any of our student groups here. With thanks to Nathan and Julia, the captains! And a mention too to the brother novices of Blackfriars, Cambridge, who played for our side - despite some split loyalties!

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