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Investing In Our Future

FH 100 - Benefactor

We only have a future because those of the past invested in it. Percy Fitzgerald died ninety-eight years ago on 25 November 1925. In his will he left £5,000 to the Cambridge University Catholic Association (CUCA), which had purchased Fisher House the year before. The money covered half the cost. The reason for Fitzgerald's generosity to the Chaplaincy is unknown. Born in Ireland 1830 and educated at Stonyhurst, he practiced law. However, his great love was Charles Dickens, who he admired both as a man and writer. They became good friends and Fitzgerald devoted much of his later life to celebrating the Victorian novelist. Fitzgerald himself wrote fiction, as well as historical studies, and even found time to become a sculptor.

The pictured plaque is in the Fisher Room. The text is by Mgr Ronald Knox, a frequent visitor to Fisher House. The engraving is by Eric Gill. It reads: 'In holy and perpetual memory of Percy Fitzgerald, deceased 25 November 1925, by whose bequest, administered by their Lordships, the Archbishop of Westminster, The Bishop of Northampton, and the Bishop of Pella, with Guy Ellis, a most generous amount of money assisted the needs of this Catholic community at Cambridge. Pray for the rest of his soul, you who read this.'

As we prepare to celebrate next year's 100th anniversary of the purchase of Fisher House, consider supporting financially the work of the Chaplaincy and follow this link:

Our future will be founded upon the generosity of today. Please remember the Catholic students of Cambridge. And pray for the repose of the soul of Percy Fitzgerald. Requiescat in pace.

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