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Ratzinger Conference - Thursday 2 May

In 1988, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger stayed at Fisher House and gave the annual

Fisher Lecture. In the Chaplaincy's history, few guests have been so eminent: one of the greatest Catholic theologians of the last hundred years (let alone a future pope). To mark the publication of The Cambridge Companion to Ratzinger's thought, we are happy to host two lectures by eminent scholars. Jacob Phillips on 'Christianity and Progress: A Contemporary Discussion via Joseph Ratzinger's Theology' and Michael Lang: 'Liturgy as the Lebensgrund of Theology in the Work of Joseph Ratzinger.' The first lecture will begin at 4 pm in the Chapel, the second at 5 pm, with a break in-between. After the second lecture there will be a plenary session. A reception will follow in the Library. Please note that on Thursday, the Fisher Room will be hosting a polling station for local elections. Just pass through the narthex to the Chapel.

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